We all have those character traits that are our favorites. Yours may be your sense of humor, your perseverance, your kindness, or the love you have for your kids. Mine has always been my creativity. On the days when I get to flex that creative muscle, I swear I feel an extra boost of energy!

That feeling led me to a career in graphic design. After years as a graphic designer, I was lucky to find an opportunity as an account manager. Although it was the right call for my career, the excitement I once had was missing! So, after a quick update to my camera, I began to capture my family moments in a way I never had before. Photography has done more than fill the gap—it has motivated me to use my creativity in new, exciting ways!

Over the years I have crafted my style of photography to mirror how I feel as a mother. Watching my wild, spirited, rambunctious boys grow faster than I ever thought they would makes the moments I capture of them that much more important. It is in that vein—to capture the fleeting moments that personify your family, be it their sense of humor, their perseverance, their kindness, or the love you have for each of them—that I promise to bring to you.

Let me give you that gift.

I’d love to share with you some moments of our life!