Hello there! It's me, Michelle.
My interest in photography began a long, long time ago, before I began thinking about children and families. But, it was just that--an interest.
After my son Andrew was born, I had a hobby. By the time Cooper came around, I had a full-blown passion on my hands. I began to see the everyday of my family’s lives as more than the day-in, day-out events we may take for granted. The more and more I photographed my own family, the more and more I stopped trying to pose them just right or trying to make the moment perfect. (I don’t know about you, but my family is ​far​ from perfect!)
I began to find that I loved the moments of barefoot summer days, drips of ice-cream on their shirts, and red-nosed in the snow. I reveled in the photos of Andrew surrounded by legos all around and Cooper staring out the window waiting for the Michigan weather to subside so he could go outside.
When I first started photographing my family, I never thought that I’d learn so much about who we are, but I really have! Taking real, authentic photos has given me so much insight into what makes the Smigielskis the Smigielskis.
And now, I’d love to share the passion I have for photographing my family with yours--whether you’re beginning an engagement, expecting a child, or feel like your family is growing just a little too quickly. I want to give you the same opportunity I’ve had to treasure your family for today and forever.

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