I've had a love affair with photographs and photography for as long as I can remember. Sitting in my Nana and Papa's basement, looking at their albums with the sticky pages and black and white photographs glued in, telling the story of their lives.

Fast forward more years than I want to admit, through jobs as a graphic designer and an account manager, moves from state to state following my husband's career, the birth of my two wild boys, saying hello and goodbye to our precious first fur baby and many other ups and downs along the way. And yet still somehow something was missing - creativity.

To live life to the fullest, I knew I had to live creatively. I cooked old family recipes, I read new (and sometimes old classic) books, I colored with my kids, and took all kinds of classes It all lead me to embark on this adventure of photography as both and business and a hobby.

My love of black and white photographs must have started in college when I took my first photography class and I spent many hours in the darkroom developing my film and dodging and burning my own prints.


I love looking for interesting light. When the breeze flows through the trees, the shadows actually dance and it's one of my favorite things. Dapple light, harsh daytime light, creamy backlight, bokeh. Light to me is what makes the photograph.

did you know light dances?

I am in the middle of a 365 project - where I take a photograph a day or close to it. I prefer to use my 'big girl camera' but sometimes I use my cell phone camera if that's all I have on me. I am excited to use the rolls of film sitting on my desk and my new Polaroid (see the nostalgia comment above!).

365 or something close to it

I compile all the photographs I take of our adventures throughout the year and create an album for us to have as a keepsake. They may not like me snapping away during our life; but they do cherish seeing all the beautiful memories over and over again while we thumb through the books telling stories of our travels, routines, and everyday life.


MY philosophy

I love to live life behind the lens, seeing the world in only the way I can see it. Watching the light dance between trees and fall across the face. Seeing the sparkle in the eyes, waiting for the tension and emotion of the moment and documenting it all in an honest, relatable, and true fashion.