Lifestyle Headshot Studio Session | Grand Rapids, MI

Stiff, unnatural, and uncomfortable headshots are a thing of the past. I like to believe this even more so now with so many people working from home and hosting tele-meetings and with LinkedIn and social media profiles being more important than ever for networking and marketing. Headshots are not something that we think of often, but it is sometimes your first impression to someone important to your business and career.

Mary’s last headshot was taken when she was pregnant. Her two boys are now the ages of 5 and 6; so it was time for an updated portrait. We met at a studio in downtown Grand Rapids last weekend for a more relaxed and lifestyle inspired headshot session. I love these sessions because it gives me an opportunity to know my clients, especially those who I know as Mom to so and so or who I frequently take their photo as part of a family. We chatted about her career in marketing and her past jobs, her kids, my kids, laughed about our senior portraits from the 90’s; and if you know me, I’ll chat away. I like to think that’s a good thing though, because it helps me to provide a more relaxed and personal, yet classic headshot.


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