Luca’s Newborn Session | East Grand Rapids, MI

It’s a new year, and hopefully a brand new season of blogging for me! I’m going to be honest, I’m better with capturing photographs than putting words onto paper; but I’m taking another go at it! I think the best part is that I’m starting the blog again with one of my favorite families – Krista, Aben, Noah, and their littlest addition, Luca.

Luca was born on Sunday, December 26th – a few days earlier than his expected due date. Just like his big brother Noah, he decided he just couldn’t wait any longer to meet his family. Everyone was so excited to meet him and Noah could not stop giving him hugs – and by hugs it was just laying his head up against Luca’s. Luca was as sweet as pie and still in that sleepy newborn phase. He loved having his feet nice and warm in his sleeper and feet scrunched up near his bottom.

Noah thought it was amazing to jump on the bed and went from hugging and kissing Luca to jumping on the bed and playing with his toys. He was the typical big brother who was completely intrigued by this new little guy but then quickly leave to play with his toys and have a snack to running back to check on things.

I am totally in love with all these pictures of this beautiful family. Congrats!


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